Professional Learning Network

For many people teaching can often feel very isolated.  That is an interesting thought considering how many students teachers interact with on a daily basis.  At the high school, my colleagues may see 150+ people every day and yet, they could very easily feel as though they are on an educational island, alone.  Just as I tell my students every year, being connected makes the educational experience so much more meaningful.  I encourage them to join a sports team or club on campus because I know that it will add tremendously to their high school experience. That is true, not just for students, but for teachers as well.

In creating a “Popplet” ( of my own Professional Learning Network, I came to realize how lucky I am to have forged so many great connections in my professional life.

Professional Learning Network2

At the local level I feel very connected to what is happening at my school.  I have sought out opportunities to be a part of the professional development team.  This has allowed me to connect with many of my amazing colleagues, in particular in a technology group that I facilitate.  In addition, as a Special Education teacher, part of my job is to work as a co-teacher in the general education setting.  Through this part of my job I have connected with several other fabulous teachers at my school.  In the past couple of years I have also had the opportunity to connect with other tech loving teachers at the district level.  I always felt invigorated when I left meetings with the Tech Task Force group.  That experience is a big part of why I decided to pursue a Masters in Educational Technology.

Thanks to the Internet it is now easier than ever to grow professional connections on a global scale.  There are several blogs/people that I follow who post great tips and tricks about technology for education.  One thing I noticed while creating this visual of my PLN is that most of my online connections are unidirectional.  I read content that other educators put out, but don’t contribute to the conversation.  I have made it a goal to become more interactive with my online PLN.  Just as my connection to my school grew when I became a contributing member of professional development, I think that by contributing in the online community I can gain even greater benefits.

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One Response to Professional Learning Network

  1. Missy McCarthy says:

    Great post, Debbie! If you’re interested in growing your online PLN be sure to use the ABCs of blogging….Always Be Commenting! Connect with the authors of the blogs on Twitter and maintain your own blog and share your content. You’re going great with staying connected!

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