Sharing is caring.

I have heard the phrase “Sharing is Caring” uttered many times over the years, but in light of this weeks assignments in CEP810, I thought it was appropriate.  This week has been all about connecting with other people through digital means.  In the past I have followed several bloggers who write about technology in the classroom.  I have learned about many great tools by following what they are writing.  This week pushed me to get more active in the sharing/connecting process.  I have always been more comfortable as an observer, in just about any situation.  However, in order for digital connecting to really enhance my life, I believe I need to actively engage in the process.

This weeks assignments also have me motivated to create a stronger technology based PLN in real life.  I have mentioned before that I feel pretty isolated at my school site when it comes to utilizing technology in the classroom.  Part of that has to do with a lack of infrastructure, but I know that I could do a better job of actively seeking out others who are including technology in innovative ways.  As I was working this week I got the idea to create an informal meeting place/time for other teachers who are also interested in technology.  I thought it would be great if people could come together and share ideas.  I am thinking about inviting teachers to my room for lunch on a weekly basis as a time to connect and chat about different digital tools.

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