GTD: Getting Things Done with Apple Reminders App

David Allen’s book Getting things done: The art of stress-free productivity, discusses ways to get ideas out of your head and into an organization method.  The idea is that if we put our thoughts and lists onto paper, we can more effectively focus on the task at hand. That being said, I am trying out the Reminders App from Apple. One thing I like off the bat, and fits well with Allen’s methods is that I can make many different categories for my lists.  I can easily color code and move items from one list to another.  This is great for organization and revision.  Once I decide on a date and time for the item on my list I am able to add it.  I can then click on clock icon and see a list of my scheduled items.  Another great feature is the ability to change the order of the lists.  I like the flexibility this offers.  The Reminders app syncs across iCloud, so I have access to my reminders on my computer and my phone.  I checked out YouTube for some more ideas about the iPhone Reminders app.  I really liked what this video had to offer.

When using the phone I can use Siri to add things to any list in my Reminders.  I previously used a dedicated app for my shopping lists.  After playing with Reminders I have decided to use it as my shopping list instead.  I am able to add things to the list (via Siri) without opening an app.  As I check off items from the list they can be hidden from the view.  The great thing is, I can click to show completed items, and everything I have previously added to my grocery list shows up.  No more re-typing of frequently purchased items!

Overall, I am really liking the Reminders App.  I definitely see continuing to utilize this in the future.  Especially as the school year gets started.  I have already created a list for work.  That may become even more specific, with a section for my teaching duties and one for my case manager tasks.

Allen, D. (2002). Getting things done: The art of stress-free productivity. Penguin.


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One Response to GTD: Getting Things Done with Apple Reminders App

  1. Missy McCarthy says:

    Nice evaluation. I’m a real tactile person so I love writing things down. I wonder about the affect of using this particular app on my productivity. Perhaps I should just give it a try.

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