An Ill-Structured Problem

This week in CEP 812 we looked at different types of problems we come across in our profession.  They were categorized in three different ways.  First, Well-Structured Problems, which have one definite best solution.  The second, Ill-Structured problems have many potential solutions. And the third, Wicked problems, which are so complex and have so many variables, that there really is no BEST solution.

Below is a screencast I made of an Ill-Structured problem I face in my work and a technology tool that I can use to help solve the problem.  Check it out! (If the embeded link does not play, click here.)

Here is a link to be able to download OfficeMix.

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One Response to An Ill-Structured Problem

  1. chuhran1 says:

    That’s a great tool! I’ve experienced tools like that (GoToMeeting, etc) from the other end… a person calling for tech support. I know teachers want to fix things themselves whenever possible, and it’s hard to find time to put in a tech ticket, not even considering the often lengthy response times. I have a few tickets in for things I could probably fix, if I had administrator access! This would be a much quicker way to resolve many tech issues. I am curious, does that program have the capacity to archive calls for later review? Meaning, can the call or session be recorded or saved in case they forget how to do what you showed them? I could eliminate some future repeat calls. Great share, thanks! I’m going to try it out.

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