Combating Dyslexia with

How would you like to take a class in which all the lectures were given Booksin your native language, but the textbook and worksheets were in a foreign one? I often imagine this is what life is like for people with dyslexia. Dyslexia affects the ability to read, but does not have an impact on intelligence.  I imagine students with dyslexia sitting in class able to understand the lecture and participate in discussions.  Then those same students go home to do their homework and the words on the page make no sense.

Thankfully, text-to-speech technology is a tool that can help transform those textbooks from gibberish on a page into meaningfHeadphones_by_K4pturul information.  Click the link below to read my review of, a tool that gives audio access to hundreds of thousands of books, and how it can help students with dyslexia achieve success in the classroom.

Full essay can be found HERE!

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