Teaching with Tech: A high school surveyed

In order to better understand the community Tech Survey
of practice of a local high school, I surveyed their faculty about teaching with technology.  The survey brought to light some interesting things, some of which are highlighted in my essay and in the infographic included to the right (Click on the image to get a closer look).  The exciting thing about this school is that the teachers are already doing some great things with technology.  They are utilizing the tools they have now and are eager to learn how to do even more with technology.  That is a good thing, since one thing that came to light is that the students at this school are not getting their hands on technology in the classroom on a very regular basis. It seems that as more technology makes its way into the school, teachers will be interested in learning how to make it work.


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2 Responses to Teaching with Tech: A high school surveyed

  1. schiggs says:

    Awesome sample size! I thought I was lucky to get about 11%, but you got a great response to your survey! I really liked your connection between the data and the available tech resources in your school. Using tech as a delivery mode is great for tech integration, but it does not support blended learning, or student-based inquiry. It is so hard for underfunded schools to do this. There just aren’t enough free iPads around. I know my teachers really feel like they need more hardware available to them to cultivate their students’ technological knowledge base. However, like you said, your school is in a good position to use what resources it has, which hopefully with your efforts on the tech committee with increase.

  2. chuhran1 says:

    I see some of the same things in my school. Teachers use the technology much more frequently than the students, partly for lack of hardware and software for students to use. We are trying to pass a millage in my district, which have not happened in 25 years. The money is badly needed for building issues and the like, and if it passes I don’t see much being used for technology.
    Something else I noticed when analyzing my data… for all the respondents that said they were comfortable or very comfortable using the technologies available, only a few were using it on a daily basis. It makes me thing about how detailed of a survey we can actually send and still get a strong response. Great work on your survey!

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