Adventures in Ed Tech

Passion and curiosity.  Those are the topics we are meant to focus on as we come to the culminating activity for the Graduate Certificate in Ed Tech program from MSU.  Thomas Freidman asserts that in this technology driven culture we currently live in, we must have more than just intelligence.  We must also have the passion and the curiosity to remain relevant in the workforce (Freidman, 2013).

Freidman’s article and the ending of this first part of the masters program come at an interesting time for me.  This year has been a time of great change in my own career.  The change was driven by my own desire to follow my passion, instead of staying in a comfortable job; a job that no longer inspired my curiosity. For my final project I used Powtoon to create an animation of my journey, which I hope demonstrates just how much I believe that if you follow your passion you will find success and happiness.  Enjoy this Adventure in Ed Tech!


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One Response to Adventures in Ed Tech

  1. schiggs says:

    Really enjoyed your video and definitely going to check out PowToons because your video looks great!

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