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Adventures in Ed Tech

Passion and curiosity.  Those are the topics we are meant to focus on as we come to the culminating activity for the Graduate Certificate in Ed Tech program from MSU.  Thomas Freidman asserts that in this technology driven culture we … Continue reading

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Teaching with Tech: A high school surveyed

In order to better understand the community of practice of a local high school, I surveyed their faculty about teaching with technology.  The survey brought to light some interesting things, some of which are highlighted in my essay and in the infographic … Continue reading

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Combating Dyslexia with

How would you like to take a class in which all the lectures were given in your native language, but the textbook and worksheets were in a foreign one? I often imagine this is what life is like for people … Continue reading

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To tech or not to tech…a “frozen thought” dilemma.

Why are humans so stupid? This is the question James Paul Gee attempts to answer in his book, The Anti-Education Era: Creating Smarter Students through Digital Learning, (2013). While he focuses on several issues in his book, my essay reflects … Continue reading

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An Ill-Structured Problem

This week in CEP 812 we looked at different types of problems we come across in our profession.  They were categorized in three different ways.  First, Well-Structured Problems, which have one definite best solution.  The second, Ill-Structured problems have many … Continue reading

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