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Twitter chat anyone?

I participated in my first Twitter Chat the other night. Every Monday night at 8:00 pm PST a group of TOSAs (that’s the acronym for Teacher on Special Assignment, of which I am one) gather together on Twitter to chat … Continue reading

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A Journey

Over the last two weeks I have engaged in an incredible JOURNEY. I emphasize the word journey because it truly has been a process with many steps. As with any journey I have experienced many emotions, including: anticipation, excitement, frustration, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Ed Tech

Passion and curiosity.  Those are the topics we are meant to focus on as we come to the culminating activity for the Graduate Certificate in Ed Tech program from MSU.  Thomas Freidman asserts that in this technology driven culture we … Continue reading

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An Ill-Structured Problem

This week in CEP 812 we looked at different types of problems we come across in our profession.  They were categorized in three different ways.  First, Well-Structured Problems, which have one definite best solution.  The second, Ill-Structured problems have many … Continue reading

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Network Learning Project: Finishing Up

This week was the culmination of my Network Learning Project.  This was a really fun experience.  The assignment was to learn something new using only YouTube and Online help forums.  Learning this way is not a new experience for me. … Continue reading

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Professional Learning Network

For many people teaching can often feel very isolated.  That is an interesting thought considering how many students teachers interact with on a daily basis.  At the high school, my colleagues may see 150+ people every day and yet, they … Continue reading

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Network Learning Project and Three Spoiled Cats

According to my friends, I am one cat away from being a crazy cat lady.  In reality, I may not even be that far away.  2 ½ years ago I rescued a young cat who was hiding under my car. … Continue reading

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